Fun Activities to Do and Explore in Florida

Florida is a good destination if you’re looking for fun.
Known for its Universal and Disney studios, Florida attracts so many people from all walks of life, annually. It is home to more fun places that you can visit to explore, including fun activities that you can do.

Florida is a good destination if you’re looking for fun.

Known for its Universal and Disney studios, Florida attracts so many people from all walks of life, annually. It is home to more fun places that you can visit to explore, including fun activities that you can do.

There are many fantastic beaches, museums, and attractive places for children. Florida also has good places for families.
What’s more, you don’t have to worry about accommodation because Florida is home to hundreds of hotels and resorts.


You need to plan well in terms of finance and time. Here’re seven fun activities to do in Florida:

• Enjoying the Tree Trek Adventure Park
• Hot Air Balloon Riding
• View the Titanic Artifacts
• Visiting the Kennedy Space Center
• Skydiving without a Parachute
• Hunting
• Giraffe Feeding

7 Memorable Activities to Include in Your Florida Travel Itinerary


1. Enjoy the Tree Trek Adventure Park

Ever watched Tarzan, and you find yourself wanting to have his skills? The Tree Trek Adventure Park gives you the same experience. This park is situated close to the Magical Kingdom, and it’s a good attraction site with rope courses and amazing ziplines.

They offer challenges for climbers with different skill levels, rope courses for children, and rope courses for adults. There is also an afoot zip line. Safety is ensured while at the pack. Therefore, you can have fun as much as you want without worrying about your safety.


2. Go for hot air balloon rides

Hot air balloons are fantastic to ride on. If you’re looking for fun and nice aerial views, make sure that you have booked a hot air balloon. They can be thrilling for people who are afraid of heights, but they’re generally amazing to ride.

Book a ride on a hot air balloon to view the beautiful theme park area and the aerial view of the beautiful landscapes. What’s more, you get to breathe fresher air up the sky for better health.


3. View the Titanic artifacts

Florida is home to genuine artifacts that depict the titanic scenes that’ll make you marvel every time you view them. The titanic movie has so many fans willing to go to this place to see the genuine pieces for themselves.

The Titanic Museum is located a few kilometers from downtown Orlando. History lovers will, for sure, find this place amazing. The museum has original pieces of the Titanic ship known in history as one of the most magnificent ships that ever sunk in the Atlantic Ocean.

There’re also artifact pieces that were made during the period when the ship was made. If you’re an educational tourist, this is a good destination for you. You’ll be guided by the actors who played as the actual crew members of the Titanic.


4. Visit the Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center is a good place to broaden your knowledge about space. This center is the headquarters for NASA, where they do their launches. The place is filled with history and information about space travel.

There are also rockets that you can see with your naked eyes. You also get the chance to meet astronauts and experience space simulations installed at the Kennedy Space Center. There’re many amazing things to do and view at this fantastic space center.


5. Go skydiving without a parachute

Skydiving is thrilling and amazing at the same time. It’s a fun activity that requires you to be careful. At the iFLY Orlando, there’re skydiving activities that are fun, and you won’t be required to jump out of a plane, as this is the most feared part.

There are technologies that have been utilized to make a floating glass tunnel that flyers of all ages can access without feeling afraid. The team provides protective gear for the activity.

It’s fun and leaves you wanting to do it more and every time you’re in Orlando. Some benefits of skydiving include:

  • Stress relief
  • Changing views
  • Muscle toning and energy burning
  • Strengthening of the upper arms
  • Challenging yourself
  • Facing your fears

6. Prepare for hunting

Hunting is fun. You get to show your aiming skills and catch animals that you desire as long as you have a hunting license. Florida has hunting grounds where you’ll be able to pursue, capture, and kill wild animals allowed under the States’ laws.

Hunting is a recreational activity that people love because it’s fun, apart from providing you with bush meat that’s often sweeter.

Make sure you have the right hunting gear, including the best ar 15 foregrip designed for shooting with pellets for ethical game-hunting. You can hire your hunting gear and accessories.


7. Giraffe feeding

Dade City is an awesome place to visit because it has fun activities for people of all ages. There are giraffes at the Giraffe Ranch that you can spend some time seeing and playing with.

At the ranch, you get the opportunity to feed the giraffes and interact with them at a close range. You’ll also find some exotic species that you can view the ranch, apart from the giraffes.



There are many activities that you can do for fun in Florida that’ll give you a memorable experience. It’s a nice place to go on vacation because you’ll not get bored while there.