An All-inclusive Ecotourism Vacation in Florida

Vacations are that time when you get to relax, and for most people, that means a change of location. It may be visiting new places in your state or local and international travels. Many individuals have dream vacation destinations, and some spend months or even years to plan the perfect one. Florida is one such beautiful place to visit and tour.
Located in the far south of the United States, waters from the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico almost surround Florida. Thus, it’s a flourishing state and is famous for its beaches. The state’s also a top-rated tourist destination because of the famous amusement parks and beautiful ecosystems and landscapes. Beyond these reasons, various others make it unforgettable.


Ecotourism has become essential today because of the need to preserve individual plants and animals in an environment. It involves responsible travel to and touring of natural areas. Thus, there are two key elements involved: environmental conservation and sustenance of the local people’s well-being. The latter is usually by the provision of financial benefits for the parties involved.
It, therefore, helps in building environmental awareness and respect and preserving cultural heritage. Thus, raising enlightenment about the conditions in the area. These features altogether support the empowerment and development of local communities. Generally, it should provide a positive and exciting experience for tourists, hosts, and locals.

Ecotourism Vacations

Various ecotourism locations exist worldwide and make for great inspirational and adventurous vacations. That’s because of the great natural spaces and resources to see and enjoy. This trend rises yearly as many people become more eco-friendly and drawn to sustainability. As aforementioned, it’s essential because it helps protect and provide for the community.
Ecotourism hasn’t always been popular in the tourism industry. However, it’s growing, and there are numerous places you can visit, including Palau, Panama, Palenque, Colombia, and Florida, amongst others. That’s because they have beautiful and outstanding locations that we must preserve. They also consist of forests, islands, beaches, and nature reserves.
There are also green accommodations available through the Florida Green Lodging program. They include various properties and local lodging establishments committed to protecting and conserving the state’s natural resources. This feature is essential to complete the eco-friendly picture instead of staying in regular hotels. There are also places like Palm Island, Shoreline Island, Coral Bay, and Parrot Key resorts.

Ecotourism Sites in Florida

The support of rare ecosystems and the diverse wildlife they contain make ecotourism in Florida possible. Some known places include the Everglades national park, Sarasota, Florida keys, and Weedon island preserve. The weather is also mostly warm and adds an inviting appeal; thus, the name- the sunshine state. However, it still has some areas where we need to establish protective measures.

Foods and Restaurants

There’s no vacation without food; thus, one vital part of tourist attractions is the cuisine. The choicest way to support a community is by dining at local restaurants. Not only do they serve more authentic traditional dishes in some areas, but they also use a variety of locally-sourced ingredients. We call them farm-to-table diners. It’s also an avenue of revenue generation for such communities.
Florida is recognized for its fresh seafood and has many restaurants that adopt that theme. Therefore, you’ll most likely have various seafood dishes like fish, shrimps, and crabs from which to choose. You won’t want to blow the chance to experience these meals. Another hearty meal is the Cuban sandwich, which they make with Cuban bread, ham, pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles.
There are some variations in added ingredients across the state, but they agree on the basics. Some of them include salami, mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomatoes. The sandwiches are most common in Tampa, Miami, and some other places. They roast the meats used, but grilling is a good substitute. That’s because it takes less time and therefore consumes less fuel.
That also depends on the methods and equipment employed. There are convenient ones like the built-in options from Meat House Blog. Meanwhile, one of the most popular Floridian deserts is the key lime pie. It typically contains fresh lime, egg yolks, and condensed milk cooked in a pie crust and topped with meringue. Its decadent citrusy flavor makes it popular among tourists.

Floridian Vacation Activities

Most people shun ecotourism because they see it as mere outdoor excursions. Though they have that component, that’s not all there is to it. It’s fun and exciting because there are several activities to carry out. Besides visiting botanical gardens and animal sanctuaries, you can also go on boat tours. That’s not unexpected because of the large water bodies in the area.
Another one is trail traveling, and it typically involves either biking, hiking, or both. This way, you get to see lots of terrain on a natural note. There are shorter and easier trails that are less challenging and longer trails more suited for actively adventurous people. Other activities include canoeing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and dolphin tours.